Photo Reel : Suntan Beach

Hey Everyone,

So I promised a post on Suntan Beach, Badagry. But before the pictures come, just a quick preamble. I’m sure some of you are thinking that this girl like to talk a lot right ?

Well, I’m sorry but here goes. So, like I’ve said a million times, but I’m studying architecture an every year we go on excursion to some really cool places (mostly beaches) and this year wasn’t any different.

We went to Suntan Beach in Badagry, Lagos State. When you hear Badagry, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Slave trade right ? Same here actually so i did a bit of reading and here’s what I found out.

Founded in the early 15th century on a lagoon off the Gulf of Guinea, its protected harbour led to the town becoming a key port in the export of slaves to the Americas, which were mainly to Brazil. From the 1840s, following the suppression of the slave trade, Badagry declined significantly, but became a major site of Christian Missionary work.

Badagry subsists largely on fishing and agriculture,and maintains a small museum of slavery. The town inhabits dwellers from all over the country doing different business in the town. Some trade in clothing, food items, used cars from overseas and other imported goods. The town is just few kilometers from Seme a border town to Republic of Benin and generates the highest Nigeria Customs duties income till date.

There is a building commonly called the first storey building in Nigeria, overlooking the Marina waterfront. It was built in 1842 by Rev Bernard Freeman and other missionaries. Although it was built thousands of years after the first story building was constructed in Nigeria, with many still standing multistorey buildings, the name has stuck. (Source:Wikipedia)

Apart from this, Badagry is home to a number of Beautiful beaches and resorts. The beach we went to was okay for most parts but… There was no proper toilet !!!

How right ? That is/was my major problem.

But that aside, while there, I was able to capture the beautiful sunset, and I made a first attempt at shooting a subject and let’s just say I have a lot to learn. The waves were another spectacle but sorry… no picture 😢😢

The view(s) were just breathtaking. God is an absolute boss

Anyway I hope you like the pictures.







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