Cheers to New Beginnings

Hey Everyone,

I’m so sorry, its been ages and not because of lack of what to write but because I was trying to figure out which topic on my long list of ‘happenings’ to tell you about.

So Cheers to new beginnings is what I chose.

New beginings because this summer was full of those. Firstly, I graduated from Covenant University (BSc. Architecture).

Then, I started working as a graphic designer with Syracuse Digital (I was an intern). They’re awesome people.  I should probably do a post on them. I learn a lot of stuff from them especially Photoshop and After Effects and a lot of life lessons from Sensei Gabriel. All in all it, was an awesome 2/3 months for me. You could check them out here.

From the knowledge I gained, I was able to do a few projects (you’ve probably seen them on my twitter if you haven’t well, check!)

Next, I had to choose between waiting for NYSC or doing my masters. Choose is probably being used loosely here. It was mostly the reasonable thing for me to do from my parents P.O.V.  I had a lot of self doubt and confusion at this period of my life.

In the end, I had to go for masters, a decision I’m still questioning but well God knows best. So now, I’m writing this post from my apartment in Lincoln, United Kingdom.

Dazzzz riiiii! I’m doing my masters already at the University of Lincoln! I’m sure you’re wondering who or what or where that is.

It is a somewhat new, young university in the England. I’ve been here for a week and I’m still trying to find my feet, but it helps that I’ve met some awesome people already.

I met them in church btw. Boy am I happy I went to church. It has really helped me in adjusting. At first I was a bit worried (I’m still worried) but God dey!

Lincoln is such a beautiful city town (I don’t consider it a city because I can walk everywhere). It has such picturesque views/scenery/spots. I promise I’ll do a photo reel soon I can’t enjoy the views alone.

What have you been up to?

I hope I’ve been able to bring you up to speed with me.  I promise I won’t talk this much in the next post and I promise to put up some projects soon.

Thank you for bearing with me


Shetts the Abrodian

P.S Check out my VSCO


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