My Year in Review

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been away for too long, here’s a review of my 2017, it was quite a roller coaster ride. But I’m still here.

I hope you enjoy it

2017 started and the most exciting thing about it was that I’d be finishing from University. Hopefully with a First Class. I also remember during the Watchnight Service, pastor praying that we would find husbands and my friend sending me a snap during the service that she didn’t hear my amen. I said amen obviously, but during the course of the year, I came to realize that it wasn’t my priority at least for the next 2-3 years.

I’m sure someone is saying, won’t you get married ?!

Well no, if I get married good! If I don’t, I’ll still fulfill my destiny. To be honest, it isn’t even a concern for me.

The year went by and it was one of the most stressful semesters for me, between school work, serving in the school chaplaincy, and uni applications. Till now, I don’t even know where I am or where I was rushing to.

All those went and I finished University, I graduated with the expected first class, I got accepted into the University of Lincoln School of Architecture with a scholarship. This was not my first choice; but one thing I learnt this year is that God’s will is always the best for anyone, Jeremiah 29:11 lays serious emphasis to that.

After finishing school, I got to work with Senpai, probably the start of a very inspiring relationship, and Syracuse Digital.

At Syracuse, I got a proper taste of the real world, expectations from your superiors, staff meetings, mentoring, doing overtime at work, getting home late from work and getting shouted at etc. but it’s an experience I cherish. I met pretty awesome people, I learnt so much from them, it’s safe to say that my design knowledge and ethics took a turn for the better during my short time there.

Lest I forget, it was also during this summer that I met Kehinde Ayanleye of Stutern and I had an interview with him (it’s still on YouTube by the way), I still think I said rubbish during that interview but people said it was good.

After this, was the hustle to get my visa ready for school, it was then I learnt or relearnt rather, that human beings are extremely unreliable, in the end, I resumed to school really late and the last few months have been a proper test of everything for me especially my faith in God, I resumed school late so that setback was already in place.

The whole thing was so new and I didn’t understand what was going on or what was expected from me. The contrast between what I was taught in Covenant and what I was being taught was extreme. I was trying to adjust but it was so difficult, it felt like no matter how hard I tried, I was still going to fail.

I was frustrated and lost and I felt like a scam, how do you go from being a first class student in your undergrad class to getting below average scores in your masters? There was one particular night that I cried to God, actually I had loads of those, I asked him why this was happening to me, I reminded him of his promises to Daniel and Solomon and all the Bible heroes and how I was His child, and my case could not be different, I’m sure my flat mates thought I was mad, but I didn’t care, it was between God and I, after these shouting matches, I usually felt a sense of calm, but then I’d have an assessment and I’ll go back to the same cycle, I was frustrated and tired, I didn’t even want to go to church again, I was scared, one of my greatest fears were coming true, the fear of failure. How will my parents be paying so much for me to come and be messing up? I had one of my shouting matches with God again, and I remembered that Tye Tribbet song – if he did it before, I decided to write a list of all the things that God had done for me in the past. I wrote these out and put them on the wall around my bed, and looked at them everyday, that’s where I’m at right now.

I’m human and I get frustrated sometimes but standing on His promises and looking at testimonies keep me going.

The good part is that I’m not getting assessed until May next year so I have enough time to smash it. In the midst of it all, I’m grateful for the lessons learnt.

In January of this year, I wrote a list of my goals and guess what ?! I smashed them.

This year, I’ve learnt the value of relationships and built lasting ones, I’m still growing in my relationship with God and sometimes I find it difficult not to compare myself with others, my consolation is that He makes all things beautiful in His time.

2017 was quite a year. I honestly can’t wait to see what 2018 brings


One thought on “My Year in Review

  1. Great 👍 to read from you Princess, I have your back. Remember that every new and great beginnings takes a process and the word of God over you will surely come true.

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