Dear Architecture Student

Dear architecture student,

You think you’re the shit?

Well, I never thought I was, but I didn’t feel like I wasn’t either. I don’t know if that makes sense to you. Well, let me explain.

I’m currently working on my masters degree in Architecture and there are so many things I wish I knew earlier on, and if I knew them, maybe I would have made better decisions. The school I’m in is not my first choice. There are some days that the waves of self doubt come and I wonder why I’m not in Nottingham or dare i say it Cambridge or UCL, because well to me they’re the shit and I’m supposed to be the shit!

I’ve not gone anywhere yet. I think I should gather my thoughts and write.


Aaannnnd I’m back !

So, Dear Architecture student

Especially if you’re doing a degree under the conditions I did my first degree (not that I don’t appreciate them), but we need to say these things.

  1. Read wide, get distracted on Archdaily, spend endless hours on Pinterest, exhaust your data on YouTube.  Why? Because you really don’t know what you think you know and your syllabus is probably extremely outdated
  2. Participate in Competitions, all those international design competitions, even if you don’t win (I still believe in you), because there’s so much beyond “your building is not cross ventilated and ‘which contractor can build this’
  3. Research, analyse, even if they won’t look at your prelims, trust me when you decide to study outside your outdated syllabus, those analysis are really important. Every design decision needs a genuine justification, not just because you like it, or Zaha did it or Bjarke, or because you want to pass the studio
  4. Learn how to use software, Photoshop, Sketch-up, Revit, AutoCAD, Indesign. YouTube is your best friend
  5. Try to gather as much real life experience as possible, take as many internships as possible, go for workshops, understudy architects that you believe have a lot to teach you.

Those are the major points for now, that I can think of, I promise I’ll update.

From my first term, I have learnt, so much, and I still feel so inadequate, I’m no longer doing things because I want to pass (well I need to pass) but beyond that, the exposure, new ways of design, the required analysis to produce that design, thinking outside the box.

My tutor once told me that if I followed the brief I’d fail. I had never heard that before, I am still amazed at what the students produce, the visualizations and conceptual drawings.  For the first time, I am genuinely hyped for my design studio.

This isn’t to say I don’t have some setbacks, If you see my feedback form from last term, you’ll laugh with me, but I’m learning to trust the process.




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